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Rigid Box

Choosing an exquisite rigid box packaging for your product not only enhances the sense of quality, but also gives it a unique and personalized charm. The customized gift box service we provide uses high-quality materials, which are sturdy and durable to protect your products from damage during transportation. At the same time, according to your needs, we can provide rigid boxes of different styles, colors, and sizes to make your products stand out among many similar products.

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Paper Bag

Make your brand stand out among the competition with custom paper shopping bags for your store. We use high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship to customize unique shopping paper bags for you. Unique design, solid structure, and exquisite appearance make your brand shine. In addition, our production team has extensive experience and can accurately produce high-quality, competitive products for your shopping paper bags.

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Folding Carton

Our custom folding cartons are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ensuring each carton is flawlessly constructed, designed to enhance your brand image and enhance the unboxing experience. Plus our custom folding cartons offer the perfect blend of style, functionality, and versatility, making them the ideal packaging solution for a variety of industries.

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Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes, with their unique characteristics and continuously upgraded customization services, have become a favored packaging form in the market. It is made of environmentally friendly materials, can be recycled and reused, is green and environmentally friendly, and conforms to modern people's environmental protection concepts. At the same time, the corrugated box has a stable structure and good pressure resistance and shock resistance, ensuring that your products are safe and undamaged during transportation.

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Cylinder Packaging

Choosing a stylish and practical cylindrical packaging will not only enhance the sense of quality, but also make your products stand out in the market. The customized cylinder packaging service we provide uses high-quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship to customize unique packaging for you. Our production team has rich production experience and can accurately grasp your needs and produce high-quality, competitive products for your cylinder packaging.

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Display Countertop

Cardboard displays are made to showcase your products in retail spaces. custom pop displays can effectively help you market your brand and increase sales.As an important display tool, display countertop can add infinite charm to your product display. Our display countertop is made of high-quality materials, has a stable and reliable structure, and can carry various display items. At the same time, we provide countertop racks of different styles and sizes to meet your different occasions and display needs.

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Paper Tags/ Printed Brochure

Paper tags and printed brochures are widely used in all walks of life. From product labels to corporate brochures, from product manuals to user manuals, they are important carriers of corporate image and brand communication. Our paper tags and printed brochure services use high-quality paper and strict craftsmanship to provide you with professional quality and excellence in service.

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What is paperboard?

Paperboard (also known as folding cartons) is an excellent cost-effective, and consumer-friendly option for packaging various products. Folding carton boxes are flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes. At HKF, we can provide several customizable paperboard box materials such as white paperboard, kraft, food-grade, CCNB, and SBS paperboard.

What is the purpose of carton packaging?

Folding carton packaging is a versatile solution that offers an optimal surface for high-quality printing and is susceptible to a wide variety of special finishes compared to its corrugated counterpart.

Commonly used across the entire retail market, folding cartons are among the most popular packaging solutions due to their affordability and capability to be highly customizable.

Can folding cartons be recycled?

Absolutely! All paperboards can be recycled; however, this may change based on the coatings and inks you add to your packaging.

As a general tip, if you are looking to be more sustainable and avoid any possibility that your packaging is not fully recyclable, we recommend going with Kraft Paperboard printed with vegetable inks. This ensures that your paperboard packaging is not only recyclable but also safely biodegradable!

What is molded pulp? What is molded pulp made out of?

Sustainable Protective Packaging

Molded pulp is produced from fibrous materials such as recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibers, and can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle. We are exploring next generation materials to use when developing our molded pulp products - such as agricultural waste!

Molded pulp is formed to shape so, unlike cardboard boxes, it does not start as a flat sheet. Instead, it is designed with round corners and complex three-dimensional shapes.

What are the types of molded pulp?

Materials of Molded Pulp

Molded pulp is available in a variety of materials and finishes.

Transfer Molded - The most common type of molded pulp used today. It is typically thin-walled (1/16" to 3/16" of an inch) with one side having a relatively smooth finish and the other side having a faily smooth surface. EcoEnclose molded pulp is transfer molded.

Thick-Wall - This type has a thickness of 1/16" to 1/4" and is typically used for support packaging application. The finish is rough on one side and moderatley smooth on the opposite side.

Thermoformed Fiber - This is the highest quality of thin-walled molded pulp. The end result is a well defined and smooth surface molded pulp, so these are typically used in instances when high definition and appearance are crucial to the customer experience.

Processed - This refers to molded pulp that has undergone some type of additional processing to the basic production, so it can apply to any of the first three molded pulp options described above. Processing can include printing, coating, die-cutting, or treating with colors.

Why choose molded pulp over other protective packaging solutions?

Benefits of Molded Pulp

If you are shipping fragile products that you want to ensure are not only protected but secure, molded pulp may be the solution for you. Other protective packaging such as packaging paper, bubble wrap, or paper shed, does a great job of protecting products in transit but doesn’t ensure the rigid and secure protection like molded pulp.