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“Where Does My Packaging Come From?”

In today's fashion industry, unregulated cheap products from exploited workers are floating in the market and these are unethical business practices. Due to these dishonest practices in the packaging industry, non-conflict of materials remains an issue. Therefore, Hengkefa strictly adheres to business ethics and believes in complete transparency. Our goal is to clarify our approach so that both our customers and end consumers can be assured that the packaging we produce is safe, ethical and sustainable.

Responsible Material Sourcing

As a responsible packaging supplier to our customers and society, Hengkofa Packaging Technology Ltd. purchases conflict-free white board, whiteboard, specialty papers, bullion cardboard, corrugated board, kraft board, PET and EVA based on personal knowledge and/or written assurances provided by our suppliers. 

As a member of the Association for Responsible Printing Technology, we ensure that ink and glue suppliers practice responsible mining and comply with human rights and environmental protection standards. We are also a member of Sedex Smeta, which gives us access to an extensive database of other businesses that share our ethical standards and values. 

We are committed to honesty and transparency, adhering to the Association for Responsible Printing Technology's standards for complete and truthful disclosure of materials in the supply chain.

Responsible Material Sourcing

Metal Content Safety

As a symbol of celebratory moments, packaging should be safe for each user. In this regard, Hengkefa complies with the European Commission’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations to protect consumers and the environment from harmful chemicals. 

We are fully aware of harmful chemicals such as Nickel, Cadmium, and Lead in the packaging industry to the extent that we conduct in-house metal content X-ray testing to ensure that our raw materials and finished products meet our customer’s safety standards. In addition, Hengkefa has also been sending our raw materials and finished products to external laboratories upon the buyer’s request for third-party independent verification. 

With 20 years of experience as a packaging designer and manufacturer for buyers around the world, we ensure compliance with the chemical regulations of our customers’ countries or zones, including, but not limited to:

•European Nickel Directive

•European Cadmium Free Regulation

•USA Lead Content

Metal Content Safety

Internal & External Auditing

Internal & External Auditing

Internal Auditing

Hengkefa has an internal monitoring system to ensure that everyone in our company abides by our regulations. Our internal audit team vouches supporting evidence of related departments (HR, Safety, Purchasing) to make sure that Hengkefa’s fundamental principle and code of conduct are compliant with the standards of

•Responsible Printing Technology Association






•ISO 9001:2015

•ISO 14001:2015

The internal audit team will then issue and submit the audit reports according to their findings for the review of executive management and external auditors.

External Auditing

On an annual basis, external auditors will conduct site audits at our manufacturing plant to ensure our compliance with the existing certifications. We are proud of our company for fulfilling the requirements of these auditing standards annually and thus, maintaining our qualifications. We take human rights, conflict-free raw material sourcing, and environmental protection/sustainability very seriously.

If you are interested in working with us and would like to see our audit reports or certification letters, please contact us here. 

Should you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact our customer service team at and they will gladly reach out to you.

Internal & External Auditing