Why is folding carton packaging so popular?

Publish Time : 2023-09-28 16:29:12

Folding carton packaging is a common form of commodity packaging. It has the advantages of being lightweight, recyclable, and easy to store and transport. During the production process, folding cartons can be customized according to product characteristics and usage occasions, so that packaging and products can be perfectly combined and the brand image can be enhanced

folding carton packaging

First of all, the manufacturing process of folding cartons is relatively simple and can be mass-produced. Folding cartons can be assembled and disassembled more quickly and easily than traditional carton packaging. In addition, the folding carton is smaller in size, making full use of transportation and warehousing space, effectively reducing logistics costs.  


Secondly, folding cartons can be personalized according to product characteristics. Due to its strong plasticity, designers can make personalized designs based on product characteristics and consumer needs, highlighting the uniqueness of the product and brand personality. At the same time, the appearance of the folding carton can also be printed with various patterns, colors and texts, which enhances the promotional effect of the product.  

folding carton packaging.jpg


Thirdly, the folding carton has good protective properties. Due to its stable and durable structure, it can protect the contents well. At the same time, folding cartons can also easily add linings, cushioning materials, etc. to improve the protective performance of the product.  


In short, folding carton packaging is a very advantageous form of commodity packaging, which is lightweight, recyclable, easy to transport and customized. It can effectively enhance brand image, enhance product publicity, improve protective performance, etc.